Spice Up Your Health! Spice Up Your Health!

Spice Up Your Health!

By Britton Victor

Spice Up Your Health! Spice Up Your Health!

The development of trade routes in the 13th century instigated what would be a long and sensational craving for the flavors of Central and South Asian. Made famous by explorers such as Marco Polo, spices from the region became some of the most sought after commodities of their time.

Today, such spices are instrumental in countless cuisines and natural remedies. A recent study by John Hopkins Medical Department highlighted several of these to be significant contributors to a healthier lifestyle. We love it when healthy living taste good!!


1.CINNAMON---Lowers Blood Sugar

This inner bark native to tropical forests of Sri Lanka and India, gives off a unique and strong aroma. It’s sweet taste that is commonly infused in dishes and drinks.


  1. TUMERIC--- Anti-Inflammation

This yellow-orange root is native to India and Southern Asia and is an essential ingredient in various Indian dishes.


  1. GINGER---Anti-Nausea

Native to tropical regions of Asia, this root can be applied to countless dishes, drinks, and consumed both raw or cooked.


  1. GARLIC---Healthy Heart & Antibiotic

Native to central Asia, garlic is now grown worldwide by separating the bulb and is harvested late the following summer.


5.CAYENNE---Pain Relief

Native to Mexico, the ubiquitous red and green chili can be used fresh, dried, and grounded. It’s applications has been in endless dishes and is masterfully incorporated in specialty chocolates.