About Us


Hello there!

These two lovely people, Nikki Nolan and Britton Victor, are the owners of Little Brittons, a team driven by crafting high quality products which are inspired by the natural versatility and functional utility of plant-based medicine.

Britton and Nikki met about a decade ago through mutual friends and have always kept in touch, running into each other in airports and grabbing lunch here and there to catch up. 
Britton, after leaving the advertising world, launched his cannabis brand Little Brittons in 2009, while Nikki was still working in the fashion industry. 

At the end of last year Britton and Nikki met for lunch where Nikki explained how she wanted to leave the fashion world and move into the wellness space. Almost instantaneously, they decided to partner and expand Little Brittons into the world of CBD.  And soon after, they set their intentions to celebrating sustainable products that value the quality of simplicity.